runaway dorothy, you is awesome!

You is Awesome is absolutely gobsmacked to kick off the show with the one, the only, the awesome runaway dorothy! With us today is Dave Parnell, lead singer extraordinaire and all around cool fella. Their first album, The Arc, was released in July to some pretty rave reviews and they’ll be going on tour next month. Check ’em out when they pass through town!

Drop by i LOVE your clothes to spy some lovely pictures of Dave in clothing. As if you’d ever see him in anything else…besides clothing, that is.


YouIsAwesome: What’s your least favorite curse word?
runawaydorothy: My least favorite curse word is GD. I won’t even spell it out I hate it so much. What I hate even more is that it rolls off the tongue of some people much too easily. If someone were to say GD that runaway dorothy is a fantastic band, I would have to agree with them, but kick them in the face for using that word. Naughty, naughty.

YIA: Who would you stay straight for?
rd: No contest on this one. And don’t mock me like all my other friends do, but it would be Sarah Palin. Ha! Just kidding. It would be Keira Knightley. So tall, so English, so pretty. My friends tease me and call her shovel face. I don’t think it’s very nice to refer to your friend’s crush as a garden utensil. Of course I guess it’s better than calling her a hoe face. She is the reason I must become at least semi-famous. It’s totally cool for a big celebrity to date an indie rocker. C’mon Keira. Natalie Portman is doing it.

Editor’s Note: I’m sorry to break it to you Dave, but I think Natalie Portman and Devendra Banhart have broken up!

YIA: What is your favorite sound in the world?
rd: The sound of applause after I have just played a song I wrote. Though the song probably only lasts 4 minutes, it probably took a week to write and possibly six months of living before that for it to come together. A year to record, promote and release the CD (runaway dorothy ‘The Arc’ now available where ever fine music is sold). All of that time is worth it for 10 seconds of approval. And if you don’t like it just clap anyway. I won’t know the difference.

YIA: What is your favorite alternate tuning?
rd: You can do that? I recorded a demo this week where for the first time in the history of my song writing career I used an alternate tuning. I am not even sure I did it correctly…it was open E. So I guess by default E wins! I would like to take this opportunity to throw my support 100% behind open E tuning. Open E is a true American. He is interested in Main Street not Wall Street, First Avenue, not First Street. And I can personally guarantee you that if elected greatest open tuning he will stimulate the economy not with measly stimulus packages, but with hard working open E tuned songs that the world will be wanting to sing along to.

YIA: If you could only write with one chord progression for the rest of your life, what would it be? (You can break it down by verse, chorus, and bridge if you’d like…)
rd: That’s an easy one. I hope I am not giving away too many secrets here. The ultimate runaway dorothy song would be Bm-G-D-A for the verse. Very powerful chord progression that everyone knows and loves. Chorus would have to be D-A-Bm-G. This is the greatest chord progression of all time for a chorus. The late 1990s lived on this chord progression. I have termed it the ‘Modern Rock Chord Progression’ (MRCP). And I don’t write bridges so we can leave those to Rob Thomas and Nickelback. Sorry Rob Thomas, you know how much I love you and your wife, but what is up with that solo record of yours? I know, I know, it did well and you sold a lot of them, but for goodness sakes the rest of us want to use the MRCP too. You stingy bastard. (Pause.) I am sorry. Take me back. Forgive me!

YIA: What is your least favorite vegan food?
rd:The Mac and Cheese from Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch. Why oh why with all the technology in the world can we vegans not get a decent cheese substitute? There is nothing more vile and disgusting than wanting mac and cheese goodness and ending up with something that tastes like it has been dragged along 14th Street before being served to you. Now Kate’s does make a mean mac and cheese with soy cheese and it is fantastic, but it’s not technically vegan. But it is good. Don’t tell the other vegans I eat it. They might revoke my vegan membership card. Of course they are probably still upset with me about the Rob Thomas comment.

YIA: What is the way to a girl’s heart?

YIA: If you believe in this sort of stuff, what is your destiny?
rd: If you would please refer back to question 2. No, not the Palin part the Keira Knightley bit. In all honesty I do believe in destiny. It is the reason I was brought to NYC. It is the reason I wrote a record after having my heart stomped on. It’s the reason why when I think about giving up I don’t because I can’t. Basically it’s my destiny to change the world with my songs in some way or another. I have dreams about it all the time and my friends swear I am crazy. And not just about being attracted to KK. I mean the girl is beautiful and a fantastic actress; shame on all of you who refused to go see ‘Atonement’ with me. I had to go by myself. And you see, the movie was a huge hit! Where was I? Oh, yeah. Destiny. I am gonna change the world somehow. It’s like my friend Carmen always said (she hates KK too): “You can’t start a war with a cupcake in each hand.” I have no idea how that plays in here, but I just wanted to say that.

YIA: What’s worse: an unfulfilled need or an unfulfilled want?
rd: It would have to be an unfulfilled need. But what is even worse than that is an unfulfilled need that you aren’t even aware of. You need something so badly yet because you don’t know it, you could spend the rest of your life without a key ingredient in your life, when it could have possibly been within your reach the entire time…You see Keira? I am sensitive.

YIA: Where do you want to retire to?
rd: Well this week I have this notion of retiring to a small village in France where no one knows who the hell I am. By that time, runaway dorothy will be a huge success the world over. I want to open a wine and cheese shop in the village. I know it may sound strange for a vegan to open a wine and cheese shop, but it’s France. Many strange things happen there. And if I get bored with that I will just move to the West Village and have my shop there. Of course I ain’t gonna be in the city during winter months. I am sure I will have a home in Key West as well as London. I guess in all honesty I have no desire to retire. I always want to be doing and going. I hate standing still.


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