Modal Kombat, you is awesome!

So, for the first time ever, You is Awesome is going solo. There’ll be no update to I LOVE Your Clothes, but that’s because for the first time ever, we’re featuring two guys who play video games with a guitar.

Now, it would be easy for us to call Modal Kombat “real life guitar heroes” or some other cheesy play off of the Guitar Hero phenomenon, but that would be serving them a real injustice. Besides being two ridiculously talented guitarists, David Hindman and Evan Drummond literally play Mortal Kombat, amongst other video games, using their guitars as controllers. Yeah, seriously. Guitar Hero can go suck it. Check them out in action:

YouIsAwesome: What’s your least favorite curse word?
David: *@&#(*$ !
Evan: I really do not like a curse words that are censored. I mean I really F*cking hate when “they” decide Sh*t, F*ck, *ss, B*tch, (to name a few) need to be altered with some random symbol. Like people can’t figure out that F*ck is F*ck because of some asterisk. I mean it is a F*cking *ssault to people who lack the abilities to put things together. I mean really, we all get it, shouldn’t they?

YIA: What’s your least favorite video game?
D: That is a tough question, because I usually don’t spend much time with games I don’t like. So I can mention some of my favorites:
Castlevania, All MarioKart versions, all the Zeldas, Grand Theft Autos, Mortal Kombats.
E: Pretty much all the games I suck at!

YIA: What is it, exactly, that makes Modal Kombat so special?
D: Modal Kombat is special because we are using real musical instruments to play existing video games. It is a new kind of performance/public spectacle that combines the best elements of dueling guitars and video game competitions.
E: Well Da** and I no longer ride a short bus to gigs (I know, throw me a bone here- I am out of wine), but to answer the question, I think it is our genuine disdain for each other. I know that secretly (no longer a secret) we are slowly poisoning each other with beer, hope, and other Spirits. That being said D*ve and I both truly believe in this project. How cool is it that we have figured out to incorporate into “live” performance Video ga**s, violence (virtual and verbal), guitar, and music! There is only one thing missing (if you know what it is….dirty) but it is truly a fun time for all that come, including us.

YIA: Which guitar technique do you prefer to use the most when dueling it out live?
D: I use the tremolo technique because it allows me to trigger punches very quickly. I’m not sure what Evan uses. But he usually loses anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter so much.
E: That is an easy one, the J*sus technique. You all know what I am talking about!

YIA: Why choose Mortal Kombat? Why not, say, Frogger? Your name could’ve been Phrogger!
D: Mortal Kombat was the first game that came to mind after making the basic technology that allows us to control the games with guitars. Using Mortal Kombat is the clearest way to display both dueling guitars and dueling video game characters simultaneously. It is also a widely recognized game, so we don’t have to spend time explaining the game, usually. For a one-on-one guitar/video game battle, using Mortal Kombat was a no-brainer.

Frogger might actually be a good one to try, though come to think of it.
E: Hmm….. I just met with the board and Modal Kombat will now and forever be named Phrodal *umbat. Well until they vote me off the Island, b*st*rds!

YIA: Do you guys spend hours at a time laughing in the faces of people who use regular controllers?
D: The opposite. Most of the time it’s like “why are we using guitars?” It’s so much harder to play games with guitars.
E: Can’t remember, I am usually blacked out!

YIA: What do you guys think of that Heidi Klum director’s cut Guitar Hero commercial? (Just a warning: Depending on where you work, this video might not be safe for work. Of course, if it isn’t, you must work at an awfully draconian institution…which means we also won’t be watching this video at work.)

D: I don’t know. I don’t watch anything with a T or above ESRB content rating. Once I saw that at the beginning, I had to turn it off… sorry.
E: I think it’s cool that the general public is interested in replicating their favorite songs. I think it goes perfectly in tandem with American Idol. After all American Idol is basically a television show based on who can Karaoke the best (sh*t, just got an email from the board, American Idol is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I do in fact “truly” believe that). But honestly I think Guitar Hero is a great game for rhythm. Anyone who thinks they will learn the guitar by playing that game call me, I have some ocean-front property for sale in Montana. So to not answer your question I love Heidi Klum and hope to one day to look like her???

YIA: Do you guys feel as if you’re doing what you were put on this earth to do?
D: I search my soul and try and find more meaning in my life than playing video games with guitars, and then I realize that there isn’t any more meaning. That’s all there is. It’s either sad, ridiculous, stupid… probably all of the above.
E: Yes, to be serious for a second, I have a fantastic life! I have the greatest friends anyone could ask for, I have fantastic students who keep me on my toes and really force me to push myself as a teacher, I am involved with this incredible challenging but cool project as well as others, and most importantly… I am playing the guitar.

YIA: Can you guys make it so that people can play Guitar Hero with actual guitars?…because then when people think that they can play real guitar from playing loads of Guitar Hero, they’ll actually be able to really play the guitar.
D: It’s totally possible… but do you really want to play guitar hero?
E: See question 7. B*t to answer the question, I think Dave and I have spent some time talking about this very thing… I don’t know if it would be worth the effort to put “it” on guitar hero. I think there is an endless world of possibilities for music education but those games would have to serve a purpose and have a goal. Guitar Hero is just a series of colors that you have to hit at the right time. There is intrinsically no musical advantage or forward progress in Guitar Hero other then gaining a stronger sense of rhythm. I know I sound like a playa hata, but as they say hate the game not the playa.

P.S. or better known as Post Script: If you haven’t already, go watch the episode of South Park where they deal with Guitar Hero, Brilliant!

YIA: Are people still reading this?
E: If so, then sorry. I spend a lot of time by myself (f*cking court system), so when I get a chance to rant freely on the “Internets” then I can’t help myself. But I truly hope that all who read this inflated and questionably (you fill in the blank) rant come to our shows. They are a great time and we always love new feedback. So shameless as this is I hope to see you at our next show. As they say, WWJD?


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