An Horse

Hello and welcome to our new initiative here at You is Awesome, in which we turn the tables and ask you the hard-hitting, relevant question: “Why aren’t you listening/watching/enjoying ________ RIGHT NOW?”

So tonight, we ask “Why aren’t you listening to An Horse right now?”. We apologize, of course, if you are indeed listening to An Horse right now, and if you are, well, congratulations and keep right on listening! If not, please click on one of the links above or check out the video below, in which Kate Cooper and Damon Cox play an acoustic version of the very, very rad Camp Out, and indulge in this awesome Australian rock/pop duo.

For those of us Stateside, we’re in luck, as they just so happen to be hopping over to our side of the world in late February and will be touring through late April. Check out the tour dates here and in the meantime, enjoy some more of this grammatically correct band.

Now on a serious note, we can’t mention Australia without drawing attention to the devastating wildfires. If you’re able, here’s a link to donate to the Australian Red Cross.


~ by youisawesome on February 22, 2009.

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  1. I love An Horse!

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