Cate Song, you is awesome!

Cate Song provided what is easily the most philosophical answer we’ve ever gotten for our default first question, which says a lot about this previously aspiring philosopher-accountant-American Idol hopeful-turned indie musician. A little confusing? Read on and learn more about the somewhat circuitous road her life has taken before arriving at this point, where she finally gets to sing her heart out, tickle the ivories, and shed some of that accounting persona. With a last name like Song, did we really expect anything less?

She will be playing a a string of shows come May, so be sure to check out this powerful songstress when she comes to a city near you…

Photograph by Edmond H Lee

YouIsAwesome: What’s your least favorite curse word?
Cate Song: Well I think curse words are dumb and curses should be banned from language altogether. (Laughs). Not really. LEAST favorite? What an interesting question…hmmm. I’ve become somewhat indifferent to curse words. I mean, they’re words, right? If a word can be used to describe something in a better way than other words, then use it. I’m not sure why we designate certain words as “curse” words. I guess it gives certain people a sense of morality? And others a reason to be rebellious? So yeah, I don’t have a least favorite.

YIA: With a last name like Song, you’re pretty much destined. Wouldn’t it suck if your last name is Accountant or something like that?
CS: OMG, perish the thought!

YIA: What’s your favorite effect on the keyboard?
CS: I grew up playing classical piano and so I’m kind of programmed to love acoustic/grand piano sounds. Especially those on the better Yamaha keyboards. I also do love the Hammond B-3 organ sound and any wurly kind of sounds, but don’t use them that often. The applause sound effect is pretty cool too; I can give myself a nice round of applause after every practice.

YIA: Can you explain the process of getting your songs on iTunes?
CS: Well you call Steve Jobs and then tell him that you’re Cate Song and then he takes care of it. Or you can go the traditional route and sign up for online distribution at

YIA: Gosh, who doesn’t like Womanizer and I Kissed a Girl?
CS: Seriously, like, for sure, like totally, like I think I just broke a nail! I think we’ll look back at 2008 and wonder about the failure of a year it would’ve been without those songs.

YIA: Unlike some other musicians/singers, you didn’t start “singing as soon as you could talk”…so what did you do as soon as you could talk?
CS: I ate, my friend. I ate. Oh, that doesn’t make sense, does it, because I obviously ate before I could talk. But anyways, that’s still my answer. I ate a lot as a kid. That hasn’t changed into my adulthood.

YIA: If you could be any other person in the world alive right now, who would you be?
CS: Man, so many choices. Octo-mom is up there. I mean, how DID she generate all that publicity? Mariah Carey too. I’m curious to know what it feels like to be the best singer in all of history.

Editor’s Note: Yeah…we don’t think she’s being sarcastic about the Mariah Carey comment. We thought she was too. 😀

YIA: If there was one thing you could change about college, what would it be?
CS: (Laughs). You’ve opened up a can of worms. Only one thing? I’d throw practicality out the window and change my major to philosophy, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning. The last 10 years of my life would have been so different if I had taken a chance and just went with it. But no, the logical side of my brain took over and said, “You need a job after graduating,” so I did accounting. Then maybe Nigel Lithgoe would’ve said “You sing well for a philosopher” at the AI auditions. Which is like a life-transforming difference from, “You sing well for an accountant,” which is the response I really got from him.


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