New Music Bake Sale

Our question of the week begs, “Why aren’t you going to the New Music Bake Sale?”

On Friday, April 17th, nine very up-and-coming groups will be playing at the First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn. Doors open at 6:30 and the music will start at 7:00. $15 gets you in, where you get 2 drink tickets, a bunch of baked goods, and some aural stimulation. Yeah, we had a little mental giggle with that, too.

If we’re going to judge solely on band photos, we’re especially excited for Dither:

Photo by Emily Weidenhof

But since we dig oh-so-deep with our interviews, what with our hard-hitting questions and all, we can look beyond just the surface and tell you that every single act on Friday night will rock your proverbial socks in some way, shape, or form. On the list to perform are So Percussion, Lisa Moore and Martin Bresnick, Lukas Ligeti, Newspeak, ACME, JACK Quartet, loadbang, and Ensemble de Sade.


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