A Gathering Storm

Today, we would like to know, “Why aren’t you watching the original ‘A Gathering Storm’ PSA, aka inadverdant comedy sketch?”

To be honest, we were intentionally staying away from mentioning parodies of National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) baffling PSA, A Gathering Storm, because A) NOM doesn’t need any more attention and B) other people have already done hilarious jobs dealing with it. Also, this blog is about awesomeness and regardless of the issue, we just didn’t think anything that encourages you to deny rights to other people is awesome in any way. We’re also not really in the business of making fun of things, and it’s hard not to when the issue at hand is so divisive, so we wanted to stay away.

But then we thought about it, really thought about it, and realized that A Gathering Storm is actually worth spotlighting, because its comedic value is undoubtedly awesome. Sure, Stephen Colbert’s, available here, was hilarious and Funny Or Die’s Liz Feldman/Mike Rose-penned A Gaythering Storm captured the mystifying earnestness of the original perfectly, but none beats the inherent humor found in NOM’s very own version.

Who thought that it was a good idea to manifest the metaphor of “a gathering storm” with an actual gathering storm? Why do you have the accented guy speak the least amount of words possible, stressing his accent in a ridonkulously comedic way? How about the former-E! News-anchor-Patrick Stinson-soundalike who, when announcing that hope is on the way, does so against a backdrop of a clearing sky, giving way to a 300-esque (which featured 300 well-muscled, largely naked men fighting and, uh, falling all over each other) yellowish sky? Listen Damon Owens, you may be a part of NOM, but you ain’t Moses.

So really, regardless of where you fall on this issue, you cannot deny that this is probably one of the most unintentionally funny things you’ve ever seen:


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  1. oh my goodness. THIS was the original version? I saw a bit of it on Stephen Colbert and didn’t bother to find the full version. Holy crap. That is too funny.

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