No, we haven’t gone all 1984 on you, but we do want to know why you’re not listening to Newspeak right now and let you know that we are back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Sure enough, as we predicted two weeks ago, the New Music Bake Sale was pretty darn cool. And sure, we got the address wrong and ended up wandering Clark Street for about ten minutes and when we stopped in a bodega to get some help, the man behind the counter was screaming “YES” repeatedly into his phone at one of those automated tellers, but we eventually realized that it was taking place on Henry Street, not Clark, and ended up having quite a musical blast.


We found Newspeak to be particularly interesting, as they are self-described explorers of “the grey area where music and politics mix”. They are a flexible five to eight piece ensemble and that night, we saw them with guitar, drums, voice, violin, cello, various woodwinds, synthesizer, and a ginormous xylophone. And even though we sat just a little too close to the speakers and were unable to hear and speak at an appropriate indoor volume for about four days, we’re looking forward to a second edition of the Bake Sale.

And yeah, they do sit down to listen to the acceptance speech. =)


~ by youisawesome on April 28, 2009.

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