The XYZ Affair, you is awesome!

Upon hearing The XYZ Affair for the first time, you wonder how you ever did without them. Not to be confused with the 1797 diplomatic exchange between France and the US (because, you know, they’ve never heard that before), nor with the band from the Philippines that we randomly stumbled upon, this particular XYZ Affair is starting a residency at Pianos on the Lower East Side starting Monday, May 11.

Lead singer Alex Feder, who is a genuinely awesome fella, took some time out to answer a list of random questions for us and in exchange, the least you could do is check ’em out, no? So that’s the 11th, 18th, and 25th, all at Pianos, all at 11:00pm, and all presented by the good folks at Oh My Rockness.

Oh, and because there’s nothing sexier than four guys feeding each other fruit in their undershirts:

YumPhotograph by Meg Wachter

YouIsAwesome: What’s your least favorite curse word?
Alex Feder: My least favorite curse word? I don’t think I have one. But may I say that my favorite single curse word is cunt. Without a doubt. I personally don’t see what the big deal is, but you just can’t say it in front of girls without somebody being shocked. I once used it in the presence of a nice southern girl and she literally gasped aloud. On the flipside, one time I used it in front of my grandma and she barely even noticed. My brother chastised me, and my grandmother said, “Oh, that’s not so bad. We used to say that in my sorority all the time.” BAM! Love you, Grammy.

YIA: Hilary Clinton is speaking at this year’s NYU graduation. Who spoke at your NYU graduation and what’d you think?
AF: I actually only went to the Steinhardt School Graduation (for those of you who did not go to NYU, The Steinhardt School of Education was the umbrella school that contained the music program, as well as art, education, psychology, communication, and bunch of other random stuff). I skipped the main NYU Graduation. I don’t remember who spoke.

YIA: We’ve been dying to know: In the last few seconds of your second music video for Evening Life, did you guys choreograph that little stumble?
AF: The fall at the end of Evening Life was not intentional. We thought it was funny, so we chose to use that take. If you watch it closely it’s pretty amazing. You can see him losing his balance, awkwardly trying to regain it, and then just falling. That’s Chris, our bass player. If you watch the beginning of our All My Friends video, he accidentally drops his bass. Here’s to hoping he fucks up again for the next video.

YIA: You used some of that Nickelodeon goo/slime in your first music vid for All My Friends. Did that stuff come out of your hair/instruments?
AF: For our All My Friends video I used an old guitar of mine that I hadn’t used for years. It is currently sitting in my room, still covered in the slime that Marc Summers threw on it (dried and crusted over by now, of course), and still with one broken string on it because Danny Cooksey broke a string during his scene. It took two hours and I think 12 people to scrub our apartment clean after the shoot.

YIA: What’s so darn appealing about ice cream?
AF: Ice Cream is one of my favorite foods/things. I would say I eat it probably 2-3 times a week. First of all, it’s tasty. Second of all, it’s a good replacement for a “let’s get coffee” kind of thing. I don’t drink coffee, so if I want a casual get together, Ice Cream is the way to go. I’ve said this in interviews before, but it also makes a great date activity. It’s cheap, which is good for broke folks like myself. And if the date’s not going well, Ice Cream can last as short as half an hour. If it IS going well, then you can take a stroll with your ice cream and stretch things out. Maybe end up seeing a movie. Etc etc. Also, it sets up a sort of adorable, “Look at me, I’m an adult but I still have a playful side” kind of vibe. For real. Ice Cream. Amazing first date.

YIA: “The Alien and Sedition Acts” is also a perfectly good band name…
AF: You’re correct. It would also make a good album name. Haymarket Riot would also make a decent band name, but it sort of sounds like a punk band. I’ve always rather liked our band name. One time a writer for Vanity Fair online listed it among the worst band names he had heard. What a cunt.

Ice Cream
Courtesy of Papermag.


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